Sitting in the Staircase

We are nearly half way through the presentation of Secret Staircase in vertical spaces in Frome as part of Frome Festival 2021. It has been wonderful sitting at the bottom of these staircases and talking to people about sound and space and memory. It seems to be the case that the installation evokes memories: memories of staircases and events on stairs but also more generally events in life – ups and downs, feelings and moods, somehow the music unlocks feelings as well as memories as well as just existing in the present and in the building or environment it is placed.

Most of the staircases are indoor, parts of the inner workings of buildings, but a couple are outdoors – a chance to hear the sound installation in the open air. All of the sites seem to take people back to events that have happened in the past, on staircases or not; in the imagination or in literature or art. The mind is an incredible thing – making connections, remembering and inventing narratives – making sense of life and art.

It has been lovely to work with saxophonist Nick Sorensen – this is really just the start of what I hope will be an ongoing project. The next stage will involve animation by David Daniels adding another dimension to the work. We are already talking to other venues and many visitors have suggested we make a CD of the music. So watch this space for more manifestitations of Secret Staircase…….

Meanwhile we still have five days of the Frome Festival and Secret Staircase popping up in four very different locations during that time. Follow the links below to book your free tickets for the remaining slots – join us on some of Frome’s staircases.

Location 2: 3rd – 11th July a four storey wooden staircase in an old industrial building
Location 3: 3rd and 6th – 10th July our shortest staircase in a building with many facets
Location 4: 3rd – 7th and 10th July a metal staircase, an escape route, a way out
Location 5: 8th, 9th and 11th July stone steps in a sacred setting

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